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Set up PayPal

Step 1 – Log into your website

Log into your website at yourwebsite.com/login

Once logged in, you will automatically be redirected to your site’s dashboard.

If you are already logged in, then visit your site and select the blue square with a Gear Icon to open the Chasi Control Panel then select Site Dashboard.

Chasi Tutorials Loggin into your website Take3

Step 2 – Access Payment Settings


On the side menu of your sites dashboard, select Shop > Settings.

Chasi tutorials setup Paypal Step1


This area has all of the settings for your store, for this tutorial we will select Payments.

Chasi tutorial setup payments step2 Take3


Here you will see all available payment methods.

Go ahead and select Set Up in the PayPal row.

Chasi tutorials setup Paypal Step2 take2

Step 3 – Sync PayPal


Now, go ahead and select Connect to PayPal.

Chasi tutorials setup Paypal Step4 2


You will need to log into your PayPal account to allow Chasi to communicate with PayPal.

Chasi tutorials setup Paypal Step6 1


Now, select Agree and Connect.

Chasi tutorials setup Paypal Step8 1


Once you have connected PayPal to Chasi, select the button Go back… to be redirected back to your PayPal settings on Chasi.

Chasi tutorials setup Paypal Step9

Step 4 – Enable PayPal


Now that we have synced PayPal with shop, you will simply have to toggle on Enable the PayPal Gateway.

Chasi tutorials setup Paypal step7


After you have enabled the PayPal Gateway, make sure you Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

Chasi tutorials setup Paypal Step5 2

Tutorial Completed

If you still need help, feel free to ask in our forums or hire us to help you!

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