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Create Coupons

Step 1 – Log into your website

Log into your website at yourwebsite.com/login

Once logged in, you will automatically be redirected to your site’s dashboard.

If you are already logged in, then visit your site and select the blue square with a Gear Icon to open the Chasi Control Panel then select Site Dashboard.

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Step 2 – Create a Coupon

On the top menu of your sites dashboard, select Shop > Coupons > Add Coupon

Chasi tutorials coupons step1

Step 3 – Name and Configure a Coupon


Go ahead and name your new coupon.

Note: You should only use numbers and letter, and do not use spaces. e.g. cybermonday2021

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Discount types:

  • Percentage Discount – Applies a discount to the customers total.
  • Fixed Cart Discount – Applies a dollar amount discount to the customers total.
  • Fixed Product Discount – Applies a dollar or percentage amount per individual items to the customers cart, rather than the entire total.
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Now, set your Coupon amount:

This can be either a Dollar amount or a Percentage amount.

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Then, Set an Expiration Date:

The coupon will expire on this date.

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Step 4 – Set Usage Restrictions


Next, select Usage Restriction on the left tab.

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Go ahead and set your Minimum Spend:

This is the amount of money that needs to be in the customers cart to allow the coupon to be used.

Chasi tutorials coupons step8


Now, enable the toggle to Set for individual use only:

This will only allow the coupon to be used by itself, and not in combination with other coupons.

Chasi tutorials coupons step9


Set Product Inclusions and Exclusions:

You may include or exclude products or categories that the coupon may be used with.

Chasi tutorials coupons step10

Step 5 – Set usage limits

Finally, we’ll select Usage limits on the left tab.

Usage Types:

  • Set limits per coupon – How many times this coupon can be used before it cannot be used again.
  • Set limit usage to X items – The maximum number of individual items this coupon can apply to when using product discounts. Leave blank to apply to all qualifying items in cart.
  • Set usage limits per user – How many times this coupon can be used by an individual user. Uses billing email for guests, and user ID for logged in users.
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Step 6 – Publish Coupon

Once you are done creating your coupon, go ahead and select Publish.

If you forget to publish your coupon, it will be saved as a draft.

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Tutorial Completed

If you still need help, feel free to ask in our forums or hire us to help you!

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