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Setup Social Sharing

Step 1 – Log into your website

Log into your website at

Once logged in, you will automatically be redirected to your site’s dashboard.

If you are already logged in, then visit your site and select the blue square with a Gear Icon to open the Chasi Control Panel then select Site Dashboard.

Step 2 – Display Locations


On the side menu of your sites dashboard, select Social Media > Sharing Settings


Here, you will be able to choose where the social media buttons will be displayed.

For this tutorial, we are going to select Sidebar.

Step 3 – Add Networks


Now, on the left, click on Networks > Add Networks. Here you will be able to add which social media networks you would like to show on your Chasi website.


After selecting which network you would like to display click on Apply.


If you are using twitter, it is recommended to enter your Twitter username. You will find your username in your browser address bar while viewing your Twitter profile. e.g. chasilife


After you have obtained your Twitter username, enter it on the right side of the Twitter Network.

Step 4 – Customize Icons


Now, we are going to select the style of your icons.

To do this, we are going to select Sidebar.

Here, you may change the way your social media icons are displayed on your Chasi website.


At the bottom of this page, you will be able to change the color of your icons to match your brands style.


By default, sidebar social media icons are displayed on every page of your website.

You may turn off areas that you would not like social media icons to be shown.

Once you are finished editing, click on Save Changes.

Step 5 – Purge Cache

After you have saved your changes, we will need to purge the cache from your Chasi Website.

We will do this, by navigating to Top Menu > Cache > Purge All



Now that we have Saved Changes and Purged Our Cache, we are going to view our website to see how the social icons looks!


Tutorial Completed

If you still need help, feel free to ask in our forums or hire us to help you!

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