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Point a Domain to Chasi

Step 1 – Log into your 3rd Party Domain Provider

Pointing your domain to Chasi is for customers who have already purchased their domain through a third-party provider.

Once you have logged in to your third-party provider; Navigate to the custom DNS settings for your domain.

Note: DNS settings vary per third-party provider and each provider will have a help topic on how to update these settings. Your third-party provider should have a support team to assist you if you need help.

Step 2 – Enter DNS Records


AAAA: 2604:a880:4:1d0::235:8000

(www) A:

(www) AAAA: 2604:a880:4:1d0::235:8000


Before you move onto the next step.

Please wait a minimum of 24 hours for your domain provider to update.

Step 3 – Log into your Website

Log into your website at yourwebsite.com/login

Once logged in, you will automatically be redirected to your site’s dashboard.

If you are already logged in, then visit your site and select the blue square with a Gear Icon to open the Chasi Control Panel then select Site Dashboard.

Step 4 – Access Account Settings

On the side menu, select Account.

Step 5 – Set your Custom Domain with Chasi


Here, you will see your current plan, sites, and billing information.

Now, you will type in your Custom Domain.


Then, select Set Custom Domain.


Now, select OK.

Your domain should be mapped within a few minutes but may take a few hours.


Tutorial Completed

If you still need help, feel free to ask in our forums or hire us to help you!

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