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This is your hub for all things Chasi!

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The news feed is a resourceful tool for obtaining a quick snapshot of what is happening in the moment at Chasi+ You will see recent forum discussions, blog posts, and new tutorials that are added to Chasi+


New features that are added to Chasi will be announced on the Chasi+ blog. Including news, press releases, and major updates.


Our team has curated lessons that are designed to help you navigate Chasi. These videos are straight to the point, without any unneeded information. They are designed to be simplistic and easy to follow. If you want us to add another lesson, please ask in the feature requests forum.

Our lessons are easy to follow and your progress will be tracked so you can easily start where you left off — we designed this guided process to be incredibly user friendly.


The forums are a great place to Ask for Help — and to find answers to questions that you may have. Please search through the forums before asking a new question, as there is probably already an answer!

Ask for help

This is where you may Ask for Help on anything related to Chasi.

Feature Requests

If you think there should a be a feature on Chasi that is currently not available please let us know. We are continuously improving Chasi and will appreciate your suggestions. Visit Feature Requests to provide your suggestions. After all, Chasi is built for you.

Pro Services

Need help with your website, or want a custom design that is tailored to your brand? No problem, we got you. Sit back and let our team craft a masterpiece that you deserve. View our Pro Services today and let us craft you a masterpiece.

Our streamlined design process:

1. Project Briefing

A short video meeting to establish your project goals.

We will present two mock ups to establish a design direction

2. Concept Design

We will present two mock ups to establish a design direction

3. Production

After we establish a direction, the Chasi team will start turning the gears full force to 7000rpms.

4. Final Design Review

We will develop and review your website in full, discuss the final tweaks, and your user flow

5. Launch

We will prepare for launch and review how to effectively grow your brand.